Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Plastic bags - a rant

I love home delivery for groceries - it's very convenient, and a well-planned delivery to multiple customers has a lower transport footprint than personal visits to the store. But I'm becoming seriously frustrated with Tesco, who don't seem to understand the concept of "without bags". Before they introduced this option, whenever I ordered wine with my groceries it was delivered in one of the six-bottle boxes that are used to deliver the wine to the store. Now I can have my groceries delivered without bags, but every time I order wine every bottle is lovingly wrapped in a plastic bag - sometimes two plastic bags!

I emailed Tesco's customer services team but all I got back was a standard-issue apology that I had been disappointed by their service. And my next delivery arrived with the bottles in bags just the same. Come on Tesco, sort it out!

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