Monday, 3 November 2008

Formula One vs Formula Zero

Whilst I wouldn't want to take anything away from Lewis Hamilton's achievement, I do have issues with Formula One. I know that its advocates would cite its innovation into relevant technologies like fuel efficiency, but it's hard to imagine a more profligate use of fossil fuel.

Formula Zero, on the other hand, is a zero emission racing series powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. Launched in August 2008, it already operates the world's first championship for hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles and, as the technology and commercial interest develop, it plans to scale up to full size racing by 2015. It's supported by the FiA's Alternative Energy Commission, and will only use renewable hydrogen sources.

Six teams from international universities are taking part in the inaugural Formula Zero Championship, including one from Imperial College, London, called Imperial Racing Green. The first race took place in Rotterdam in August 2008 and further races are planned in South Carolina, USA and London. Could this be the future of motorsport?

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