Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Proof that Feed-In Tariffs make solar viable

I was alerted by the excellent Money Saving Expert to an offer whereby companies are offering to install solar PV panels for free in return for collecting the Feed In Tariff payments on behalf of the property owner - who still gets to benefit from the resulting energy savings. If companies are prepared to make this kind of offer, they must be pretty sure that they can recover their investment within a reasonable period, AND make a profit. Therefore, it looks like solar PV has finally become a financially viable option for UK homeowners.

I don't know enough about either of these companies to recommend them, but you can find out more from Isis Solar or A Shade Greener. There's a useful summary of the Feed in Tariffs on the Ofgem website, and you should only use a supplier certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Unlike the previous green energy grants scheme, the Feed-In Tariffs provide a guaranteed index-linked income for 25 years, as long as they remain the owner of the property. Companies and individuals that install microgeneration systems receive payment for all electricity generated, even that which they use themselves, although energy exported to the national grid earns a much higher rate. Full details of all energy saving grants available can be found at the Energy Saving Trust.

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