Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ethical url shortener

To be honest, I hadn't really considered the ethics of url shorteners until I heard about In fact, the thing that first appealed to me was the opportunity to use a url shortener that can't be used by the people who distribute the kind of material I wouldn't want to be associated with. But having visited its website I've discovered a whole host of reasons why it's better than most - and here they are. is the brainchild of Memset, which offers carbon neutral hosting and has a strong reputation in sustainable IT circles. Memset promises that will be ad-free and free to use forever, and is clearly a safe pair of hands for your data.

And if you were wondering, the .gd url extension is owned by the island of Grenada.


davidcoethica said...


Cool blog by the way - always heartened to find new 'good' people. also offer a shortener and make a donation to selected charities each time a link is created.

I've not had about before - off to check it out :)


Anonymous said... is a nice URL shortner, and it's green too!